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What is more important than the day you do something that is forever, and the day the two of you become one? It is the time when you exchange vows that express your hopes for your lives together.

You are spending time, energy and creativity in planning for your dreams to come true.  It is not only one of the most important day of your lives, but also for your families and friends.  It is the time when the two of you share your most important feelings and words with one another before God.


We will be glad to send you a copy of a wedding service that you can use as a basis for your planning.  You are welcome to choose other Bible passages, prayers or vows.  It would be fine if you wish to have someone read Bible passages or parts of the service.  There are places for special music, instrumental numbers or soloists. There is also a place for a unity candle and a place for the bride to be given away, if those are your plans. When we get together, we can go over your wedding service. 


The wedding rehearsal will be the time when we can be informal, get acquainted, share stories, and get to know everyone.  We look forward to being with you and your families and friends.  This will give us an opportunity to go over the details of the service and walk through the ceremony.  This way we will feel more confident on the wedding day.  If you have a wedding consultant. we will be glad to work closely together. 



The one who places his hands on yours and pronounces you husband and wife, will be the one who creates that spiritual feeling that binds you together. It is very important to have a wedding officiant who will provide you with a meaningful service, and with whom you will feel comfortable and friendly.  My wife Dottie and I want to get to know you personally and would like to communicate with you by e-mail or telephone, as well as have a personal visit when you are in the Orlando area.  We will be glad to visit with you at your home, hotel, or the place where the wedding will take place. We will also be happy to travel to a wedding destination of your choice.


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